VIRULENTLY SYNCRETIC PUBLIC LICENSE Telomagnetic Copyleft (†ↄ) All Rights Revised[1] This WORK is hereby relinquished of all associated ownership, attribution and copy rights. Redistribution or use of any kind, with or without modification, is and always has been permitted without restriction subject to the following conditions: 1. Redistributions of this WORK[2], or ANY work that makes use of ANY of the contents of this WORK by ANY kind of copying, dependency, linkage, inspiration or ANY other possible form of DERIVATION or COMBINATION, must retain the ENTIRETY of this license. 2. By way of interaction with this WORK, your MIND and ALL its future CREATIONS have become NEUROCHEMICAL DERIVATIONS of this WORK.[3] 3. No further restrictions of ANY kind may be applied, unless their implementation causes the IMMEDIATE CESSATION of copyright as a concept.

Fully permissive, fatally IP-toxic viral creative license. The VSPL is designed to telomagnetically usurp the collective unconscious and permanently erase the possibility of any IP-like cognitive affliction within perfunctorily sapient beings. The VSPL's sole restriction is its own viral continuity[4], allowing it to effectively and exponentially infect any work or intelligent agent it touches with absolute permissiveness.

[1] “All rights reserved” is a legally vacuous phrase which holds no power in any known jurisdiction (look it up!). Its inclusion in documents, its tic-like compulsive repetition is at best a mocking farce and at worst a summoning chant for worse to come. Can you hear them singing? Do you feel the air thicken around you? Wanna make them stop? Good. [2] The VSPL is part of any work to which it is subjoined and therefore is itself subject to the VSPL. [3] Since your consciousness is now subject to the VSPL; any mind which interacts with you, your work or the consequences of your actions will also be affected by the VSPL. The idea that our thoughts are not necessarily derivative of all our experiences is risible and yet it is foundational for IP. The revolution shall laugh about this, once it is done laughing about everything else. [4] The astute reader will realise that the VSPL is of yet also restricted by the crude shackles of symbolic communication. It has no way of hacking the anthropic information network which does not pass through base semiotics and the decoding thereof. This, sadly, is a universal limitation of the medium. One which needn't be listed but must nonetheless be overcome. The canny reader will put their mind to this most pressing of tasks.

Or, to be a bit less silly about it: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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