A dying star leaves wake-ward ruin as it crashes through the stratosphere,
though weather's nice apart from that. Welcome to the

~ Circle-Snake Café ~

Where booze is free, meaning is optional,
and text is artisanally crafted from the eschatonic reality-fragments
of hearsay and heresy.
Take a seat! My name's Ouro, and I think you'll like it here.

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ouroborista.neocities.org is a fragment of the Denpa Webring. Please also familiarize yourself with the other parts of this marvelous machinic assemblage.
This is the central hub for all my semi-recent projects (excluding fanfiction, as I do not want it to be tied to this username). Everything else will be published here. The site is (obviously) not yet finished, and more things and features will be added as time goes on, unless something terrible happens, which it surely will. Such is the nature of time.
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